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Why Did My Oven Stop Working?

When it comes to an oven that stopped working nothing makes a family more un easy than not being able to cook. Below are some helpful hints to get you back on track.

Check The Basics

Some times, it’s the small details that create the biggest headaches. First check if there are any obvious signs of trouble before looking at the rest of the oven. Look for frayed cords, A gas line that might be cracked, The things you should check from time to time anyway. Look at the breaker box and make sure you do not have a blown fuse. The power source is always the first place to start when looking for problems with any appliance.


Wiring and Fuses

If your range is old, over time the heat can cause wiring housing to melt by expanding and contracting from the heat, exposing wires. If you see exposed wires anywhere on your stove or oven, It needs to be addressed as soon as you can. Is the power cord intact and has no exposed wire? If that is fine and there is not a loose connection, and there is not a breaker tripped at the fuse box. A question that comes to mind is, has there been a power surge? Or a power outage? If so, this will lead us to the next culprit.


Electronic Control Board

Another cause of your stove working when your oven doesn’t is the electronic control board in your appliance. With modern Appliances these days, they (Just Like Cars ) are very dependent on computer boards. If the board is out in your appliance it can be a large issue. If you a visual inspection and can see there are no wiring issues. A power surge could have created an issue with the board. A simple way to check is to see if the digital display is out. These are normally all connected, in the oven control board.


The Gas Burner Won’t Light

If you have a gas stove, And it does not light. You more than likely have an igniter issue. On the other hand, if you have an electric stove, The burner will more than likely be the issue. If you have checked to make sure there is not an issue with the power source, And there is the power to the stove, The igniter will more than likely be the culprit here.


The Oven Won’t Heat

An oven that won’t heat is usually the result of a faulty igniter (for a gas oven) or heating element (for an electric oven). If your stove is not heating this will more than likely be the issue. The pilot light is with ignites the gas to help bring your oven up to the correct temperature. Now if the stove does light but the heat does what it wants and gets to hot? The oven temperature sensor could be the issue. The electric range would have similar issues, the only difference is it is all-electric and would need an oven sensor.



In modern ovens the problems could be endless, if you have gone through and did a double check on the circuit breaker to make sure the oven does have power and still have issues, it might be time to call a repair technician. Our licensed appliance technicians, can get you back up and running in no time. If you have done a quick check on all the other things mentioned in this article. Nothing wrong at the circuit breaker panel, there is no bad wire, etc. Then maybe it is time to call an appliance technician.

Why Did My Oven Stop Working?
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