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Why Does My Washing Machine Stink?

Why Is There A Smell?

What shocks most folks is that they tend to forget to maintain the machine that keeps there cloths clean. Your washing machine is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Just like a car, you need to maintain the appliance to help get rid of the smell from the washing machine.

If your washing machine smells like sewage, there’s either a problem with the pump or the drain line. You need to check both before calling for service. How To Fix A Stinky Laundry Detergent Dispenser had a similar issue where my laundry detergent dispensers were stinking up the place! It turned out to be because they weren’t properly installed. Here’s how to fix them so they don’t stink anymore. If either scenario sounds familiar, then you may be dealing with an air quality problem caused by sewage gases entering your home through drains.

How To Stop Your Washing Machine From Smelling?

Wash machine odor can come from many different sources. The first thing to do when trying to find the source of the odor is to make sure everything else in the house is working fine. If your washer has stopped spinning, it could mean that something is stuck inside the drum. If this happens while you are using the washer, open the lid and see if any items have gotten caught in the door.

Check all hoses and connections as well. If none of these things are causing the problem, it might be time to call in the professionals. A terrible smell could be a sign of poor drainage.

Another tip: always check the seal on the washer ( front load washer in particular) mold tends to build upon the seal and should be dried, simply by leaving the door open after a washing cycle. Top loading machines do not really have this problem and are more drum-based.

People use too much soap. On the days with high-efficiency detergent, folks use way too much for what they need. These detergents today are way more powerful than soaps of old.

Get Rid Of Bad Washing Machine Smells

One of the problems these days is the soap ( made from animal fats) tends to get stuck on the drum. This causes the machine to emit a foul odor. A simple fix for this is to wash your washing machine at least once a month ( depending on use at your home) A simple natural way is to run a load (just water ) with white vinegar to help break dirt and debris loose on the drum. This breaks up soap scum in your smelly washing machine. This works on both top load and front load washing machines as well.

Regular cleaning of your machine should just be a thing to do in your household. A simple wash cycle should help keep the machine clean ( with a cleaner of your choice) No matter if it is a hot wash cycle, or you use cold water. In the end, we are trying to clean a layer of soap scum from the washer drum.


How To Clean Clogged Washing Machine Drain Pipe?

If you are getting smell into your home when washing your clothes, another reason could be a vent line for the plumbing itself is clogged.

You will want to turn off the power to the washing machine and remove the cover from the bottom of the unit. Then, take a look at the drain pipe and see if anything looks out of place. If there is a blockage, try running some hot water down the drainpipe to clear it out.

To keep the pipes going smoothly, you should also regularly flush the toilet. As normally the vent is one line


The next step would be to start cleaning the drain line. First, you’ll want to shut off the power to the washer. Next, remove the front panel of the washer and locate the drain hose assembly. Once the drain hose is disconnected, disconnect the two end fittings from each other.

Next, remove the rubber gasket from the top of the drain hose. With the rubber gasket removed, you’re now able to clean the drain hose. Use a stiff wire brush to scrub away any buildup, with a deep cleaning.

How To Clean Your Washing Machine With Vinegar

White distilled vinegar can be a great way to help clean your washer. White vinegar is not only good for cleaning, but it is also very effective in removing odors. Simply add 1 cup of white vinegar to the tub of your washing machine. Run the cycle and let the vinegar work it helps break up dirt around the drum. Remember a dirty washing machine = dirty laundry.

High-efficiency machines need this more than ever these days, with the low water in the drum. the machine tends to get detergent buildup faster today. The front and top load washers of today do not have the water capacity of machines of old. A simple cleaning cycle or cycle without clothes and a cleaner of your choice should help correct your stinky washing machine.

Commercial Cleaning Products

There are plenty of commercial cleaning products on the market to help do this for your machine as well. And again depending on use in your home. The bare minimum is once every six months. We can not stress this enough, use the correct detergent in your machine, this is one of the major problems today.

The washing machine smell can always be traced back to having too much soap and or mold. Excess moisture will always lead to a mold problem and fouls smells . And this is what causes the rotten egg smell. A clean washing machine will in turn be clean cloths with no bad smell or unwanted odors.






why does my washer stink

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