How To Repair A Refrigerator That Won’t Run


Check power

If the power is off, then you should check that first. Power outages can lead to problems like a refrigerator not running because there’s no electric current coming into it. If all of the lights in your kitchen are on and none of them light up when you turn on the switch or if any other appliances don’t work either, this is what happened: The breaker tripped and needs to be reset before anything else will turn back on.

Reset circuit break, if this has been tripped it is likely the problem.

-If the power is on, make sure you also check for a bad circuit breaker. If it’s tripped and needs to be reset, this can keep your refrigerator from running.

If everything else seems fine, turn off the power at the outlet nearest to your fridge (or freezer) and then flip that switch back on again in case there was some kind of short or spasm that caused an electrical overload and interrupted service temporarily.

In other cases if you have turned off all breakers but things still aren’t working after flipping them back on, contact someone who knows about electricity like an electrician or appliance repair person so they can come take a look at what might have gone wrong with your wiring


Overload or Relay Start Capacitor

The overload or relay start capacitor may have gone bad. You can test this by using a multimeter set to ohms, checking the resistance between the leads on both sides of it – if you’re reading less than 50ohms, then your compressor is toast and needs replaced.

If that’s not the issue, replace it with one from an identical unit in order for everything to work properly again.

If you are not comfortable with doing this, it is best to hire a professional

But if your refrigerator makes a clicking sound, this is more than likely the reason you are having an issue with your refrigerator.


Cold Temperature Control Board

If the refrigerator won’t start and the fans do not kick on at all this could also be the problem with your refrigerator.

Again if you are comfortable to test with am ohm meter then it should be around 50 ohms.

But if you are not comfortable with this, please call us an schedule an appointment today.

If you see any signs of burned wiring inside the unit this should be addressed right away.

dirty refrigerator coils

Clean The Coils

Cleaning the coils on a refrigerator is one of the most overlooked things that people do. So it is important to clean the coils on your refrigerator about every six months or so.

Just use a vacuum under your refrigerator and clean the dust out from under the unit, front and back.

We have a set schedule in our house that we do the cleaning once in the spring and once in the fall. The number one reason most folks have an issue with there refrigerator is this.

The coils are the part that pulls the cool air from inside of your refrigerator, and blows it out on to your floor or wall. If they get clogged with dust this is going to keep them from pulling any cold air at all.


Evaporator Fan

Another thing to check is the evaporator fan, which is located on the top of most top style freezer units. Behind the plastic shield will be the evaporator fan. If this is not turning when there is power to the unit, this is more than likely the issue.

Testing with an ohm meter will also test and rule this out. But a simple inspection of the fan not turning is more than sufficient for this as well.


Condenser Fan

The fan should kick on when the compressor is running, and if this does not. Then more than likely this is the problem with your refrigerator. These are typically located on the back of most refrigerators and on the bottom.

You will have to pull the cardboard shield off and do a visual inspection to see if the fan is working or not when turned on.



If none of these thing were wrong on your refrigerator, then you might want to consider bringing a professional into your home to repair the refrigerator.

With the cost of refrigerators these days, It is best to have a professional repair these units.

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