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Best Washing Machine Tub Cleaner

What really is one of the best laundry hacks there is out there these days? Not a tablet, not another big name cleaner selling you soap one minute and selling you a product to clean up the mess from the soap the next. This is one of the best washing machine tub cleaners out there and so much more.

This is also not a paid ad, nor is it affiliated in any way shape or form.

What is the best Laundry Hack?

Believe it or not one of the best laundry tips there is, is to add pine-sol to your Laundry.

Why Pine-sol ? Well this product has glycolic acid, you see pine-sol has not had pine oil in it for years. And Glycolic acid is one of the best cleaning agents out there that is also used in skin care. This is a safer choice when looking at other products out there, and will become your favorite washing machine cleaner as well.


What Is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic acid is the smallest organic molecule from the alpha-hydroxy carboxylic acids family. Its chemical name is hydroxy acetic acid that naturally occurs in sugarcane, beets, grapes, and fruits. Its small molecule size, low molecular weight, and dual functional groups (COOH & OH) make it an excellent choice for cleaning formulations and a safer alternative to hazardous acids in a wide range of consumers and industrial cleaning products.

Glycolic acid application in household and institutional cleaning products:

Kitchen Cleaners: Glycolic acid provides excellent performance in scale and rust removal. It also provides improved soil and soap scum cleaning efficiency in kitchen cleaners and other household cleaning products such as:

  • Hard surface cleaners
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Countertop cleaners
  • Sink Cleaners
  • Rust stain removers

Bathroom Cleaners: Glycolic acid is an excellent choice for bathroom cleaners for its exceptional scale removal, water minerals, oily residues, and tolerance to hard water. It is commonly used in:

  • Hard surface cleaners
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Ceramic, grout and tile cleaners
  • Tubs and sink cleaners
  • Toilet bowl cleaners
  • Laundry sours

Why is glycolic acid preferred in household and institutional cleaning formulations?

Due to the hydroxy acetic acid small molecule size, it provides advanced penetration rate, deeper and faster cleaning performance which provide the following values to consumers and formulators:

  • Excellent scale removal performance
  • Remove soils and tough stain easily
  • Aesthetics, Has a pleasant fragrance and color
  • Easily applied without requiring rubber gloves
  • Low toxicity, Non-flammable and VOC free
  • Low corrosivity for safer use on metal surfaces
  • Biodegradable and safer for the environment
  • Can be mixed with other organic acids such as citric, formic and oxalic to decrease toxicity while improving the cleaning performance and speed.



So what is the point to all this?

This Glycolic acid will help break down protein based stains and also break down and clean the soap from the back side of your washing machine. White Vinegar has been thought of for ever as the best cleaner, but that is not the case. If you want the best washing machine cleaner that is also a fabric softener, I urge you to try the original scent Pine-sol.

This product will also remove the musty smell in towels after a wash ( I have done this )It also will clean any detergent residue from the washer drum at the same time. If you have unpleasant foul smell from washing machine after your laundry is done, I Guarantee the drum has build up on it.


Fabric Softener To Tub Cleaner

This product will be your go to when you think of cleaning your machine. I started this journey when I had a Bad smell in my towels after washing them. And I tried a bunch of different products. ( and yes Vinegar was one ). This will work with any standard washing machine and or a front-loading washing machine, just remember to wipe the rubber door seal as well. Just add this to a normal wash cycle to help eliminate any bad odors in not only your laundry but will do a deep cleaning of your machine as well.



If you have tried other things to get your laundry smelling better and the machine as clean as it can be, I urge you to try this. From pet odors to musty odors, this is by far one of the best things I ever did. Most folks do not realize that a dirty washing machine can have an effect on clean clothes and so many have just accepted foul odors in there laundry even after a wash. This simple step can work magic for your clothes washer and give you clean laundry as well as providing a fresh washing machine cleaner.

Best Washing Machine Tub Cleaner

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