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Maytag Washer Error Codes

Top-Loading Maytag Washer Error Codes

Error Code Meaning Solution
drn Draining issue Review the washer hose installation to ensure the hose is installed correctly.
F# E# or F## System error Press Start/Pause to clear the code, then press it again to restart the washer. If the issue persists, contact a professional.
HC Hot and cold inlet hoses installed in reverse Turn off the water supply and swap the hoses so that each is connected to the correct inlet.
LdL Lid cannot lock Check the locking mechanism for any obstructions that are preventing the lid from locking properly.
LdU Lid cannot unlock Remove any items from the lid to allow it to unlock.
LF, Lo FL, F8 E1 Fill cycle takes too long Check the water supply in your home to ensure that both the hot and cold water supplies are active.
Lid Lid left open Close the lid to clear the code.
Ofb Unbalanced load Evenly redistribute the load, and then close the lid and restart the cycle.
OL Oversized load Remove several items from the basket and restart the cycle.
PF Power failure Touch and hold Start to restart the washer cycle after it was interrupted by a power failure. Press Power if you only need to clear the code.
Sud Excessive suds Ensure you used the correct detergent. Open the lid and allow the water to drain, then manually remove the excess suds.

Front-Loading Maytag Washer Error Codes

Error Code Meaning Solution
LOC, LC Control lock activated Press the control lock button. Some models require you to press and hold the button, while others require a single press.
dET Detergent cartridge was not detected Ensure the cartridge is inserted into the dispenser drawer correctly. If you are using single-load doses of detergent, ignore this message.
Int Cycle interrupted Press the pause or cancel button twice. If the code does not clear, disconnect the washer for one minute.
rL, F34 Items detected during a clean washer cycle Remove the items from the basket and restart the cycle.
Sud, Sd Excessive suds This code will automatically clear as the washer takes additional time to clear the water and suds. Ensure you use the correct detergent and check the drain hose for any kinks or clogs.
F5 E2 The Door is not locking properly Ensure that there are no items blocking the door’s locking mechanism.
F7 E1 Motor speed sensing error Check for any remaining shipping bolts and ensure the washer load is not excessive.
F8 E1, LO FL Low water flow Check your home’s water system to ensure that the flow is functioning. If the flow rate is fine, make sure your water inlet hoses are not kinked or clogged.
F8 E2 Dispenser system issue Ensure the detergent drawer or cartridge is not clogged with detergent.
F9 E1 Excessive drain time Make sure the drain hose is not clogged or kinked.
Other F# E# code Other error Disconnect the washer for one minute and reconnect it. If the code persists, contact a professional.

Maytag Commercial Laundry Help Codes (MAH22, MHN30, MHN33)

Model(s) Code Description
MAH22, MHN30, MHN33 0F Oversuds detected during cycle, unable to resolve unbalance condition during final spin
32 More than 6 unbalance retries during the final spin – spin (and cycle) has been aborted
33 Oversuds detected during wash cycle, unable to resolve – cycle has been aborted
71 Generation 2 debit card cycle polling message out of sequence
74 Generation 2 debit card remaining balance message out of sequence
75 Generation 2 debit card new card balance message out of sequence
88 Invalid messaging state found in data acquisition communications

Maytag Single Load Dryer Diagnostic Codes

Model(s) Code Description
Single Dryers d1 Door circuit failure on control board
d4 Motor circuit failure
d5 Blocked Coin 1 or Coin 1 circuit error
d9 Low voltage detected
d12 Motor sensor circuit failure on control board
d13 Blocked Coin 2 or Coin 2 circuit error
d16 Gen 2 communication error

For a complete list of error codes and solutions, you can refer to the following links:

If you encounter an error code not listed here, it’s recommended to refer to your Owner’s Manual or contact Maytag for assistance.

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