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Kitchen Aid Oven Fault Codes: Your Handy Guide to Troubleshooting

Understanding your Kitchen Aid oven’s fault codes can save you time, money, and a lot of unnecessary stress. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or someone who just wants to understand what’s going on with your oven, this comprehensive guide will come in handy. Below is a table with 4-digit failure codes for Kitchen Aid ovens.And 2 Dgitl Code failure.


Table of Kitchen Aid Oven Fault Codes (4-Digit)

Kitchen Aid Oven Fault Codes (4-Digit)

Fault CodeDescriptionTroubleshooting Steps
F1 – E0EEPROM communication error1. Disconnect power for at least 30 seconds.<br>2. Re-apply power and observe for at least one minute.<br>3. If code re-appears, replace control board.<br>Note: Applies to all F1-E except F1-E3.
F1 – E1EEPROM checksum errorConsult a professional technician.
F1 – E2UL A/D error(s)Consult a professional technician.
F1 – E3Wiring harness cavity size mismatchCheck jumpers in the harness to match oven size.
F4 – E1Meat probe malfunction – shortedCheck probe, pinched wire, and probe receptacle. Replace probe if needed.
F5 – E0Door switches do not agreeDetailed steps are given below the table. Note: Applies to all F5-E codes.
F5 – E1Self clean latch will not lockConsult a professional technician.
F5 – E2Latch during CLEAN errorConsult a professional technician.
F5 – E5Self clean temp not reached within 45 minsConsult a professional technician.
F5 – E6Door is open but latch is lockedConsult a professional technician.
F5 – E7Self clean latch will not unlockConsult a professional technician.
F6 – E0Return line not connectedReplace control if switch pulse return line is not connected.
F7 – E1Common switch wire is defectiveDetailed steps are given below the table.

Additional Troubleshooting for F5 – E0

  1. If door latched:
    • Disconnect power.
    • Check wires and connectors.
    • Replace door switch if needed.
    • Reapply power and clear failure code.
  2. If door not latched:
    • Disconnect power.
    • Check latch switch and door switch.
    • Measure and replace switches if needed.
    • Reconnect power and clear failure code.

Additional Troubleshooting for F7 – E1

  1. Check control and switch connections.
  2. Check individual switches as per F5 failure.
  3. Replace switch if defective.

Kitchen Aid Oven Fault Codes (2-Digit)

Fault CodeDescriptionTroubleshooting Steps
F0Board failureReplace control board (also called ERC or clock).
F1Board failureReplace control board (also called ERC or clock).
F2Oven temperature is too high1. Look for welded relay contacts on bake or broil relays. Replace oven control if this happens.<br>2. For SELF CLEAN models, check door lock operation.<br>3. Check sensor, harness, and connections. Replace sensor if defective.
F3Oven temperature sensor (RTD) openReplace Oven temperature sensor (RTD).
F4Oven temperature sensor (RTD) shortedReplace Oven temperature sensor (RTD).
F5Board failureReplace control board (also called ERC or clock).
F7Function key stuck on ERCReplace control board (also called ERC or clock).
F8Board failureReplace control board (also called ERC or clock).
F9Oven door lock failureCheck wiring to door lock switch. Check for stuck lock switch.
KITCHEN AID OVEN FAULT CODES  4 digit and 2 digit

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