Appliance Repair

What Does It Cost To Repair An Appliance?

Should You Fix Your Appliance Or Replace It?

This is the most common Question We Get At Appliance Doctor Of West Michigan. And There are some factors to answer this question.

How old is the existing Appliance?

If you have had the current Appliance for more than 10 Years, You Might want to consider replacement.

One of the more costly parts in any repair will always be the parts. And older Machines Can Have Troubles even finding the parts.

Is the Appliance Gas or Electric?

How much a repair will cost is often determined by what powers the unit. Generally speaking, gas water heaters, fireplaces and stoves are more expensive to fix than electric ones. This is due to the simple fact that repairing something that is powered by gas comes with more risk. A technician is up against potential carbon monoxide leaks and fire hazards. While electric appliances typically cost more to run, fixing them is usually simper, safer and, therefore, less expensive.

So What Does It Cost?

That is sort of asking what does it cost to repair my car? There are so many factors that play a role in this. We can say that the nation average is anywhere from $75-450 For Parts and repair.

Of course Just Like Cars, The Biggest thing is parts and age of the Appliance. With The Cost Of Appliances these Days. You Might find That It Is Not Only Cheaper, But Wiser To Just Repair The Unit.

Getting Repair Estimates

Whenever you have an issue with an appliance, check the obvious first: Is there power? Check the power cord, the circuit breaker, the water shut off, etc. When you know it is the appliance, check the warranty. If your appliance is still under regular or extended warranty. If Not then Maybe It Is Time To Just Get It Repaired
If you are experiencing any trouble with your home’s appliances, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to answer all of your questions on the phone and are able to come out to make repairs in a hurry.

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